Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BTW I just finished watching the movie Blue Valentine and it is absolutely perfect - romantic, dramatic, surprising and when you get to the end you want it to never end. I think that is the beauty of the television series - they have so many parts.
So if you will have time, check it out.

With the morning sun, I am still in bed, trying to get up, but I am to tired. On Saturday I ran 10 km and then went for a walk with my friend. She needed to buy new flowers, which was really exciting plus they had an amazing frappe in the restaurant inside. Probably the best one I ever had. Trying to carry those two big flowers wasn't that easy, but it was worth it.
And yesterday the school was okay. Afterwards Laura and me, we finally bought the talented Mac Miller tickets and gone shopping for new shorts (in which we succeeded). Then at 6 o'clock I was back at school again playing the Midsummer Night's Dream theatre as a bad little fairy called Puck, that was a great fun.
So that is it, the reasons why I desperately need summer and vacation, especially on the beach.
Hope you had a great weekend too,
xoxo, Elena